Painted Pumpkins

Easy Painted Pumpkin Craft for All Ages

Yay, it’s Halloween! One of my favorite holidays where we go all-out and really get our creativity on!

A few years ago, desperate to see my boys put down their blocks and pick up a pen or paintbrush, I decided it might be fun to paint pumpkins. My boys had been honing their art skills on pieces of scrap wood for years, so I guessed that anything OTHER than a piece of paper would be equally attractive.

Painted Pumpkin with stickers and bow

I was right.

I grabbed a variety pie pumpkins at the grocery store, rolled out the craft paper on the dining room table and we painted pumpkins!

I always keep a acrylic paints on hand because they apply to non-paper surfaces much better. Be forewarned that acrylic paint sticks to ALL surfaces, so better do your painting in old clothes (or no clothes). Which is why I also keep a roll of brown craft paper for just these occasions.

Younger children can simply use stickers, if paint seems too laborious. Here is a pumpkin Eli made when he was three.

FRANKENSTEIN is super-fun and easy to make. We mixed up some light green paint and the kids slathered it all over. I helped them smooth it out so no orange bits were showing and then we applied felt hair with straight pins.

The nose is a painted wooden knob I found in the junk drawer. So glad that drawer actually has a purpose every now and then.

The boys LOVED screwing in Frank’s bolts and I applied the mouth and stitches with a permanent marker.

My favorite is the bat. Mostly because I am impressed with my sparkly foam wing cut outs. I found the foam at Dollar General and the thickness is perfect for this craft. I traced a pattern on the back of each piece so the boys could cut them out. We then hot glued wooden skewers to the back and the boys jammed the wings into the pumpkins along with matching ears. We glued the foam eyes on.

Painted Pumpkins Bat & Frankenstein

Older kids or teens may prefer something more artistic. I like the Day of the Dead Painted Pumpkin in the header photo, which I may try myself this year. You could add sparkle glitter or more colors to really make it elaborate! And why not paint a ceramic pot while your at it? This FANTASTIC idea I found on CraftGossip.comIt looks to be a full-size pumpkin and may keep you busy for awhile!


If you decide to paint your pumpkins this year, upload a pic and share!

Happy Halloween!


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