Homeschool I.D. Card

Homeschool I.D. cards help homeschool families access discounts at various craft supply stores, theme parks and museums that often require “official” homeschool identification. Since the State of Florida does not offer “proof” of homeschooling, these laminated, wallet-sized cards¬†work well.

I’ve used mine to purchase a 50% off membership to MOSI, 15% off at Michaels Stores and $8.00 Legoland Homeschool Days. Nice!

Fill out the form below and we’ll make one for you, too!


Homeschool Helpdesk Homeschool ID Card

Homeschool I.D.

Carry a homeschool I.D. to access discounts at craft supply stores, theme parks and special homeschool offers.
  • Please tell us where to mail your ID card!
  • The general date you began homeschooling.
  • The general date you expect to stop homeschooling.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
    Headshot you would like to include on your I.D.