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Stunningly Beautiful Game Tests Digital Imagination

Awhile back, I wrote about a super-cool physics-based game called World of Goo. It’s magical and our family loves playing this game. Playing World of Goo led us to hunt for other “outside-the-box” learning apps and Contre Jour is what we found.

We own the original version of the iPad. Yep. That means our iPads are ancient and sport old-school iOS 5.0. Contre Jour is not the latest, greatest app. It debuted four years ago, so I’m glad to revive it’s existence. Here’s why:

It’s confounding!

I love confounded learning. When kids are faced with a learning situation that doesn’t make sense at face value, their minds really kick into gear! I want my kids to have their minds blown, not just memorize a bunch of stuff.

Contre Jour does just that.

Unlike other educational games that are fairly intuitive, Contre Jour is far from. In order to move through the game, you don’t manipulate the player (Prince Petit). Instead, you manipulate his world.

Gotta admit, that took me awhile to figure out.

Raise a platform and Petit goes tumbling to the next mound. Bump and push the environment, not Petit, to get him where you want to go.

Oh, and he also has tentacles. Yep. Those you’ll have to craftily attach to various platforms to swing Petit in an arc accurate enough to grab one of the glowing orbs.

Which is the point of the game. Grab as many glowing orbs as you can while you progress through sixty levels of beautiful graphics, challenging movements and poignant, haunting music.

I love apps where art, music and technology collide! Take a peek:

As we scurry around putting together our learning curriculum for another year,  why not throw some “confounded learning” into the mix? I’m pretty sure your kids (and you!) will love the Contre Jour app.

To download the app click here: Contre Jour

Happy homeschooling!


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