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Bravo! for Brainzy Math and Reading Program

This blog post is my review of an online math and reading program called Brainzy. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you want to try this program and you click on a link provided in this post, I receive a small compensation. Thank you! However, I am writing this post because my kids love this program and your kids might, too. I am not getting paid to write this post.

This is my honest opinion and our story…


A few months back, homeschool mom Carol S. turned us on to a computer app called Brainzy. I resisted at first. It cost money and my kids already play a lot of digital learning games. I certainly didn’t need to pay for another one.

Carol nudged me again and said her daughter LOVED it. So I signed up for the Brainzy Free 7-day trial.

I bought the program on Day 2. It costs $3.99/month and yeah, it’s gooooood. Here is my affiliate link if you want to try Brainzy:

However, besides the Brainzy program you get so much more. In fact, I haven’t had a chance to explore all the rest, but here is what you get:

Web clip of Brainzy Math & Reading Resources

So now let me nudge you. If you have an early learner at home (ages 3-7) this is an outstanding program.

Here is what I like about it:



Oh, how I cannot stand games that treat children like trained monkeys by offering constant praise!!

In fact, child development researcher, Alfie Kohn, has excellent research on the errant mis-use of the words “good job”. Read his books! Any of them! He’s funny. He’s brilliant. He will totally change your perspective on positive parenting. My favorite Alfie Kohn story is when he is playing with his kids at the playground and a mom who is pushing her infant in a babyswing coos, “You’re doing such a good job swinging, honey!” Alfie Kohn surpresses an eye-roll. It’s gravity. Your infant isn’t doing a thing. LOL. Click here to see his books: bookstore.

Okay, back on topic…

As your child progresses with Brainzy and masters a section, instead of  hearing “Good Job!” Brainzy tells them “Correct!” When your child misses an answer in a section, Brainzy announces “You can do better next time.” Occasionally, Brainzy will announce “You are a master!” and this big, fat cat named “Roly” does a ninja “high-ya!”. It’s funny. My kids love it.

The point here is that my kids play Brainzy because Brainzy makes learning challenging, yet fun, while also tapping into childrens’ intrinsic motivation to explore and learn. We share this same philosophy in our homeschooling approach and its refreshing to find a program that gets it.



Divided into Pre-K through 1st Grade Math and Reading, the program is comprehensive and not focused on one particular skill. My kids play other games that are soley dedicated to phonics or entirely focused on addition and subtraction. Brainzy is comprehensive and works on all aspects of reading and math skills at each level.

There are 12 reading lessons and 12 math lessons in each grade level and within each lesson there are six parts. Each lesson begins with a story, song or example that introduces the concept.

Brainzy First Grade Reading Levels

I find Brainzy to push my kids a bit into areas they haven’t been ready to learn with me. For example, the Kindergarten reading level introduces long vowels and short vowels and silent “E”. This is new to my kids and they have to really focus to get the answers correct.

The First Grade level has a few bits of repetition with Kindergarten to help reintroduce those Short and Long vowel concepts, yet delves deeper into the concept making First Grade naturally more challenging.



There is a completion dashboard that tells the kids (and you) how far the child has progressed in each grade level as well as within the reading or math areas. My kids are striving to get 100% completion and in order to do so, they have to complete all the skills in each level with proficiency.

What I like about this is the lack of pressure to achieve a certain score or grade. Instead, the kids simply work until they get tired and come back another day to try and finish. The 100% score isn’t indicative of a grade, it is indicative of their completion level. My oldest son becomes panicked with scorecards, but with Brainzy he doesn’t see the Dashboard as an indicator of his success or failure. He reads the Brainzy Dashboard as a progress meter and that’s all. We need that.

Brainzy Math & Reading Dashboard

However, if you are curious where your child is excelling or struggling you can open the Brainzy Dashboard to see how your child is doing in each section of each level.

Brainzy Math & Reading Dashboard Expanded

As unschoolers, our family’s focus is on (1) effort, (2) learning with passion, and (3) process. We aren’t concerned with grades, nor the end result. Brainzy seems to get this and I find that refreshing once again.



So many games try to capture kids attention with themes of good versus evil and fighting, fighting, fighting…sigh. Brainzy is pure fun. The kids laugh out loud at the silly songs – their favorite is Down by the Bay, which I have to admit my husband and I laugh at, too! There are beautiful stories, silly songs and slapstick antics, all very well-produced.

In fact, my eldest son will actually TURN OFF his Minecraft videos to walk over and play Brainzy with this little brother. It’s THAT ENTERTAINING. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Can you get a better endorsement than that? LOL.

Brainzy Down by the Bay Screenshot



My kids like to play certain sections of Brainzy over and over again until they have satiated their curiosity. Brainzy allows them to do that. Many digital games automatically move the player to the next section and you cannot go backwards or linger on a specific part of the game. Brainzy gives the kids control to play one area over and over again, which is critical in getting the kids to stick with it.

My 4-year old played the song Down by the Bay at least twenty times until he was exhausted from laughing so much. I’m glad he is getting so much entertainment from his learning experience!

He also likes to replay sections that he hasn’t mastered. After each section, Brainzy will show one, two or three puzzle pieces to help the kids visualize how much of that section they have mastered. If Eli doesn’t get all three puzzle pieces, he will re-work the section or stop and ask me for help.

Brainzy Preschool Math Scorecard

Programs that automatically push on and don’t allow the kids this control can get frustrating. I like that Brainzy put kids into the drivers seat of their own learning. Bravo, Brainzy!



I’m glad we got that nudge to introduce Brainzy into our homeschooling. It’s become a fabulous resource for our boys and three months later, we are still playing strong. I hope other homeschool families will find Brainzy to be a good fit for their family as well.

Here is my affiliate link if you want to try Brainzy:


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