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Save $20 off a purchase of $100 in September!

I’m excited! I met the Director of BookShark at the FPEA conference last May. We got to chatting and I was impressed with the BookShark company and its curriculum offering. Although our homeschool approach is to unschool, the way we do that is to supplement our boys’ interests with loads of books. Outside of Legos, books are the most frequent item that you will find lying around our house.

BookShark is a literature-based curriculum, thus they have tons of books. And maps. And workbooks. And..

BookShark has agreed to offer Homeschool Helpdesk subscribers $20 off a purchase of $100 during the month of September. That’s 20% off! That is the BIGGEST discount BookShark offers and they are offering this to our little Gainesville homeschool community. SWEET!

Books on sale? I’m in!

If you are a Homeschool Helpdesk subscriber, look for a special email coming your way on September 1st to get your discount code. Then shop til you drop!

If  you’re not a Homeschool Helpdesk subscriber, then sign up! Email Subscribe

In case you didn’t know, BookShark is a complete, literature-based, homeschool curriculum developed for Kindergarten to Eighth Grade students. Their curriculum uses literary fiction and nonfiction, biographies, illustrations and hands-on experiments that extends education beyond the typical textbook memorization. Here is a link to their site where you can check out their curriculum packages for your child’s grade level: BookShark Company

BookShark carries some familiar curriculum like Saxon and Singapore Math, Story of the World, Worldly Wise and Handwriting without Tears. Plus they carry complete science kits (I love that Kindergarten covers Biology, Botany & Physics!), markable timelines and maps and other supportive resources that I haven’t found elsewhere.

Here is a list of all their products: BookShark All Products

The Story of Exploration _ BookShark

Check out The Story of Exploration that covers explorers you may not have heard about. Only $10 ($8.00 with discount!)

Detectives in Togas_BookShark


What about Detectives in Togas? Yeah, that’s going in my shopping cart. My oldest has been fascinated by ancient history for over two years now. Only $8.00 ($6.40 with discount!).


This Timeline spiral can be used from Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade. Cool! My kids love timelines! Timeline_BookShark

One of my goals for the Homeschool Helpdesk is to support the Gainesville homeschool community (and surrounding North Florida communities!) with resources targeted to homeschoolers.

So in upcoming months, I’ll be contacting more local area businesses, curriculum providers, and other educational places of interest to see if they are interested in promoting homeschool-specific classes, discounts, field trips, etc.

I hope you’re psyched about this special discount promotion! I know I am! I love actually owning good, quality books that my kids can turn to over and over again instead of returning them every three weeks to the library. It’s fun to have our own mini-library and even “fun-er” to buy homeschool curriculum on sale!

Happy homeschooling!


PS: Post a comment below and let us know what you decide to buy! The BookShark list is extensive and I’d love to know what you found – maybe you got a gem I didn’t see!

PPS: BookShark is not an advertiser of the Homeschool Helpdesk, nor is the Homeschool Helpdesk a BookShark affiliate. We offer this special promotion strictly as a service to the Gainesville Homeschool market and will not receive compensation of any kind.



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