Best Homemade Play-Doh Ever!

Homemade Play-doh Rocks!

Homemade play doh organs inside canopic jar

Canopic jar with play doh liver

I am always in a  panic for play-doh. Yep, there ya go. My kids love the stuff and we use it for so many learning applications it’s crazy.

However, our store-bought play-doh is never colorful for long. As the boys mash it and blend it to make their various creations, we end up with this yuck-o pile of dark green dough that does anything, but inspire.

I decided to resolve this dilemma – and save some dough  – by finding a homemade play doh recipe online. Anna, the brilliant mama at The Imagination Tree, shared this recipe and it rocks! I made a batch four months ago and keep it in the fridge. Still fresh, still bright colored, still soft. No kidding.


  • 2 cups plain flour (all purpose)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
  • Up to 1.5 cups boiling water (adding in increments until it feels just right)
  • food coloring (optional)
  • few drops glycerine


  • Mix the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil in a large mixing bowl
  • Add food coloring to the boiling water then into the dry ingredients (optional, but I chose neon food coloring)
  • Stir continuously until it becomes a sticky, combined dough
  • Add the glycerine (optional, I didn’t use it)
  • Allow it to cool down then take it out of the bowl and knead it vigorously for a couple of minutes until all of the stickiness has gone. * This is the most important part of the process, so keep at it until it’s the perfect consistency!*
  • If it remains a little sticky then add a touch more flour until just right

We are studying Ancient Egypt right now and one of our activities was to make canopic jars. We used our homemade play doh to create the organs that went into each jar, appropriately marked with the four sons of Horus.

What could be better than neon play doh lungs, stomach, liver and intestines? The kids in our homeschool play group loved it and I happily packed away the left over homemade play doh into my fridge for another homeschool day.



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