Kate ByarsHi, I’m Kate!


The Homeschool Helpdesk is a one-stop resource for all Gainesville Homeschool families and those families from surrounding areas.


We are adding more resources to the site as quickly as our little homeschooling family can as the demand for such a service in our local community is astonishing!


This site is a FREE RESOURCE and intended to be a place of community where we all Gainesville homeschoolers can congregate and learn from each other’s experiences.


I hope you will find an “ah-ha!” resource every time you visit and I hope you will share your own experiences by uploading an event, review or listing so others can learn from you.


Our family began our homeschooling journey at an early age without much forethought or planning. We simply knew we wanted something different than regular school and as we researched our options, and developed our parenting philosophy, homeschooling fell right into place.


Yet, what I find to be the most challenging is finding the resources I need.


I am active in local homeschool groups and on social media, yet every week I learn of a new opportunity from a fellow homeschooling parent and I can’t keep track of all this stuff in my head!


I found myself needing a system for organizing all the events, clubs, classes and other awesome local resources so as not to forget what is available as my kids mature and are ready for new experiences.


It can also be difficult to wade through the transition from “mainstream family” to “homeschool family” without the support of fellow homeschoolers.


This is where I hope to make a difference and why the Gainesville Homeschool Helpdesk was born.


If you have feedback, a suggestion, or comments, please send me an email.


I hope you’ll join us in building an amazing community. Thanks very much for visiting.